2009 The Deniplant Company

2008 Deniplant J.A. wins the first prize at the 2008 Student Company Competition, organised by Junior Achievement Romania



2008- Deniplant Kids appears and the Deniplant J.A.Company takes birth 

2007-New products appear under Deniplant Trademark: Imuniplant, Alergiplant, Antistres, Antidermatite, Fructimet, Post-operator, Balneological Plants. 

2006- Giurgiu Gheorghe F.A., taking the results of the studies and researches made along many years at the “Speranta” Medical Foundation, becomes the producer of the Deniplant tea. 

2005- Deniplant Trademark, having as a slogan: “Health is above everything”, is registered at OSIM-Romania. 

1994- “SPERANTA” MEDICAL FOUNDATION, set up at the initiative and from the Deniplant medicine inventor`s care, Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu, who was sick of psoriasis, has as a purpose the supporting of the activity of those who know nature`s secrets in medical domain and  the ideea of setting them up for the human benefit. 

This way, by using scientifically foundated medical plants, the foundation demonstrates once more that some diseases known as incurable (for the allopated medicine) can be ameliorated or even cured. 

Deniplant, based exclusively on medical plants, cures internal causes which breaks out the skin disease called Psoriazis.

The five hundred solved cases so far in Romania and another tens of cases from abroad, as well as the obtaining of the gold medal at the 97` technical novelty salon, could demonstrate this fact.