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An old lady who heard about my sufferance recommended me to read a book about traditional Romanian medicine: " Healing and remedies for sicknesses"

About us

THE MEDICAL FOUNDATION "THE HOPE" took life in1994 at the initiative and with the care of the inventor of the medicine Deniplant, Dl. Gheorghe Giurgiu which was sick of psoriasis, has it's majorpurpose supporting the activity of the ones who know the secrets of nature from medical domain and how we can apply them in our one good.

So, with the help of plants used fundamentally scientific the foundation shows once again that some sicknesses avowed to be unhealable ( for the alophate medicine) can be ameliorated or even healed.

Deniplant based in exclusivity on plants treats the intern causes that develop and form the skin disease psoriasis. The 300 cases we've already fixed till now and the numerous patients from foreign, and obtaining the golden medal at the exhibition of new tehnique in '97 can demonstrate this.





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