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An old lady who heard about my sufferance recommended me to read a book about traditional Romanian medicine: " Healing and remedies for sicknesses"

How I discovered this treatment:

Going in a trip in Vrancea,

an old lady recommended me to read a book about traditional Romanian medicine “Healing and remedies for sicknesses “.
I took that old book and I copied word by word and that’s how I found out about the great remedies of fitotherapy.

At first I didn't believe but the words of that old lady stayed into my mind “ Try this healing too cause you have nothing to lose.”
And I listened to tat old lady's advice, I started reading that book for hundreds of times and I started looking for the plants and making different mixtures. And the results appeared in the sense that throwing ointments I could handle to resist with the natural treatment and without diet.
So it appeared Deniplant Tea.





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