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An old lady who heard about my sufferance recommended me to read a book about traditional Romanian medicine: " Healing and remedies for sicknesses"
I was sick of PSORIASIS 
I healed with DENIPLANT®
Without diet or any other restrictions
Without ointments or any allopathic medicines
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The hope never abandons you.
Each time you are the one who gives up to it
By using the medicinal plants Deniplant®
There's a chance you could say:
"I was sick of psoriasis"
The book Psoriasis
before the treatment after the treatment

Treated cases

I started treating with plants at Mr. Giurgiu and after all those years when I had to suffer of this disease I had lesions on 80% of the surface of the body."
Ilie R. 60 ani, pensioner, Buftea 2004

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- tea against stress
- tea after surgery
- tea against seboreic dermatite and matrata