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An old lady who heard about my sufferance recommended me to read a book about traditional Romanian medicine: " Healing and remedies for sicknesses"

I was sick of psoriasis

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I was sick of psoriasis and I healed with plants


Titles from the book  
Psoriasis and eredity
Studied cases
The power of will


For keeping health and youth and for living after the medium age, it is necessary to respect: " The human being must live in harmony with surrounding nature and respect it's rules. The nature should be over the man not the man over nature." Any deviation of this rule will break the harmony from the interior and the exterior of the human body and that is how diseases appear.

As medical statistics say psoriasis it isn't hereditary, but there can exist the hereditary predisposition, Until now we don't exactly what genetic factors are responsible for it, but we can't say that cellular heredity or citoplasmatic heredity or cromozomial heredity transmit those information that develop psoriasis. What we know is that the persons which suffer of psoriasis can transmit the predisposition to the followers.So they are predisposed to do this sickness If during their life they pass through special moments the body is weak with immunity met patients mother and daughter sick and also the uncle and niece. I met a case in Targu Mures when the grand father and the child had psoriasis but the father of the child didn't have any problems. But most of my patient told me they don't have nay relatives with this sickness.

For answering at this question I will give you my own example. Cause I suffered of this disease when my daughter had 6 months I gave her this tea, and also DeniplantBaby.
So I powered her immunity system so she didn't get ill so fast. So until 14 years my daughter didn't take any other treatment except the compulsory vaccination. Each time when it was possible to make a cold I made the naturist treatments. I met many persons, even relatives with small children 2-3 years which every time the child had medical problems gave them powerful drugs. I wouldn't like you to think that I recommend you not to respect what the doctor says but in some cases it is good to think of what you want to do.
I would like you to retain my motto: Why to go to the doctors lab, for every small affection when fithotherapy can help teaching our body to defend with easy medicines."

All the titles from the book

Prologue Vegetables and fruits
Psoriazis and Eredity Apitherapy
Studied cases Water as a therapeutic agent
The basic principles of Fitotherapy The power of thoughts
Medicinal plants Factor of Psihotherapy
download book PDF (62 KB)





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