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If just after the first month of using negative reactions, secondary effects or any other unpleasant manifestations show up, we recommend you to stop using our tea. At the same time, you can direct the producer having this certificate for receiving back 100% of the product`s value. 

Even if after a month while using our product you are not pleased, you can come in a 15 days period at the Deniplant Office situated in Bucharest, 2th Sector, Pantelimon Driveway, Nr. 258, Bl. 47, Sc. C, 3th floor, Ap. 142, 42 on the interfon, ( 021.2338973 / 0744827881 ) with this certificate and you will receive back 100% of the product`s value.


 1. If you benefited in the first place of discounts or other facilities, or you ordered two or many packages.

 2. If after 30 days you have ordered another one or many packages. 

 3. If you bypassed the 45 days period since the first acquisition; bypassing this period automatically means that you have accepted the product.

 4. There will be no restitution of the amount paid, for others than those who have used the product.

 5. There will be no restitution of the amount paid by mail; the presence at the Deniplant office of the person who has used the product is mandatory.

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