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 As powder obtained from plants and forest fruit. 

Prescription:for the children under 18 years old

For the healthy children-Deniplant Kids 

Administration: Exclusively for intern using. 750 ml of tea to be daily drunk.

Contra-indication:The plants are not toxic.

Adverse Reaction:There werenít any by long using. 

Treatment term:Deniplant Kids-1-3 days /week

Preparing Method:

In a litre of water you put a little bag of plants.You add a lemmon(100-150gr) with its peel,cut  in slices.You boil it until there are only 750 ml.(Time of boiling is 15-20 minutes after boiling to seethe.)After cooling you move away  the lemmon and you put sugar as you want or honey(preferring honey).If it is used sugar to sweeten,you will put it at the same time with the plants,so that the sugar can pass  too through the boiling process.

 All the cantity of 750 ml will be drunk during the day,many times a day. 

Everyday you will repeat the same method.

In the same day you will eat the boiled lemmon,with its peel,sweeten as you wish. 

After using,the bag with plants can be put on the wound,as a dressing for 6-12 hours. 

If you decided to use the plants,it is good to have in consideration,the following: 

-without diet or other restrictions..If you were on a diet ,you should give up following it,as long as you drink the tea. 

-without ointment or other medicament of external use.It is good to give up using the previous ointments.If you donít resist without them and this is possible,you will use at the beginning cosmetic cream.It should not contain medicaments.It is necessary to break the body of this ointments.The faster,the better. 

If the cosmetic cream isnít enough,in the places where it is absolutely necessary(it hurts) you can put some of the ointment youíve been using so far,but rarely and at the same time with the simple cream.This aspect is very important,because if you use it at the same time with the ointment,your skin will recover at the surface quicker that intern aspectsand you will be foolen. 

- Donít scratch and dontí tear up the peels formed. They will fall step by step. Every time you intervien on them, you extend the healing process and ther is a tendency that the injured surface enlarge. 

You can shower daily but donít scrub the skin after drying to make the peels go away.

   Weíve all been children and got sick even of a common flu or a coldness. Not to talk about those children which are unlucky to have parents with different diseasses which have been genetically transmitted to them. 

Every child has the right to be healthy and the parentsís obligation is to make what ever is possible to prevent the disease of there children. 

Knowing that in nature there are plants which can do this thing, that is to prevent or even take away some diseases, I thought that I could make a new product which can accomplish this ideal, that is preventing diseases 

The devices of this product are: 

Why going to the doctor for each slight affection? Phytotherapy helps the organism to fight against minor diseases with simple treatments. 

With Deniplant Kids it is more easy to prevent a disease than treat it. 

Those who invest in the prevention of the diseases will got to win both material and phisically. 

Deniplant Kids will take care that your visits to the pediatrist or the family doctor be as rarely as possible  and only to communicate your good condition.