The Deniplant Company Identification form

 Members of the team:

 1. Denis GIURGIU  

17 years     attending high school at the National College Mihai Viteazul from Bucharest Romania.

2. Cristina GIURGIU    

23 years   student at the University of Pharmacy

None of the team members has a part time job because we are first of all concerned with their studies since the institutions we attend offer us the theoretical basis and the knowledge we need in order to put our ideas into practice. 

Student in charge with the project:


Address:  Sos. Pantelimon Nr. 258 Bl. 47 Sc. C Et.3, Ap.142 Sector 2 Bucharest Romania

Telephone:  004 0212338973; 004 730005169

E-mail: denis@deniplant.ro

E-mail of the team: giurgiu@deniplant.ro

The Deniplant Company activates in:

the domain of naturist medicine:

-Growing medicinal plants and forest fruits.

-Manufacturing medicinal teas.

 The initial idea:

The products of the company:  DENIPLANT and DENIPLANT KIDS are teas made of medicinal plants that treat the intern causes that detach and develop the skin disease named psoriasis, without ointments, other medicines or diet.

            The products and services form a “linkage bridge” between the company and the market, between the producer and the client. No product comes to live by itself, without having an idea as a base , because that represents an assembly of physical, chemical, or any other nature elements, reunited in other to fulfill a function. 

So the central idea that stayed as a basis at the creation of the Deniplant products was that “Health is more than anything” and the health of their children should be the first care of all parents.

 We all have been kids and got sick. even only of a simple cold, also having in consideration also the cases of the unlucky faultless children who got genetically transmissible diseases from their parents. One of those diseases is psoriasis too, a skin disease with a predisposition of transmission to the descendants.

All men have the right to be healthy and their purpose and obligation should be preventing both their diseases and the ones that might appear to their followers

Knowing that in the nature there are plants that can fulfill this job, to prevent and even eliminate affections, like psoriasis, I thought we could provide a new innovative product in order to make the wish, of preventing diseases, come true.

Developing the initial idea:

The position that, the Deniplant products  will reach, is a top one, because in the mind of consumers, their qualities in prevention will be superior in front of  the other products on the market that are used for healing the already existing diseases and not for their prevention.

 The products represents a high degree of novelty, being produced under the license accorded by the TRADE DENIPLANT® , the trade having as a base an invention patent registered  at OSIM.

The trade is also registered at OSIM Romania and also at OHIM Spain for UE.

 The implementation of the project:

The entire idea is being put in practice by setting up the Deniplant Company. After that we will be able to develop partnerships and even sell the product’s license or open a clinic with naturist treatments.

During my stage as a volunteer at The Medical Foundation “the Hope” I realized the huge importance of this discovery and also the great opportunity that comes with implementing it in practice. So I decided to prepare myself in order to set up a company and when I will have the legal age, necessary in my country (in about 6 months) I will register officially this company under my name.

Until then I develop my activity under an association group with my family.  

Concerning other products offered by our competitors :

In order to make a difference in front of the opponent’s products, we put an important accent on the quality of the used products and ingredients.

Nowadays there is no product that addresses to prevention. That is why most of the sick people use allopath treatments for ameliorations. A small part of them tries the naturist products offered by the competition

 In the European guide against psoriasis there are beeing mentioned some of the allopath medicines used in the therapy and also the adverse effects that can appear.

1. Local treatment: --dermatocorticoids can provide exacerbation of the re-use, production atrophy the skin, worsen viral infections, fungal, bacterial, develop tahifilaxie (therapeutic effect disappears after prolonged use = skin is used to product), applied to children is risky and there are inefficient in psoriasis extended;

--derivatives topic of vitamin D can cause major irritation to the face and creasy, the uncontrolled use might be hypercalcaemia, with all the negative effects of it;

--retinoid topic they grate, with itching and desquamation skin, is not used during the day (photosensitivity)

--The use of high concentrations of salicylic acid in children may be followed by absorption and the occurrence of toxic effects General (Reye: fatal liver toxicity and central nervous system)

Conclusion:   Any substance put on the skin, in 24 hours by blood circulation throughout the body.    The side effects of treatment have a local variable severity, ranging from irritation and itching of the skin reaction to very serious.

2. PUVA therapy (Psoralen + ultraviolet A):

--is associated with the risk of developing various forms of cancer, especially in case of simultaneous use of treatments immunosuppression (described below);

--is associated with a high risk of developing skin cancer from skin photo type I and II, including the risk of occurrence of melanoma a few years after discontinuation of PUVA

3. Immunosuppression therapy:

-- is prohibited in pregnancy, presents the risk of developing certain types of cancer, require regular monitoring, monthly release of biological samples:

-- Methotrexate: diffuse pulmonary fibrosis, renal and liver, bone marrow, impaired spermatogenesis, banned in active infection and gastric ulcer;

-- Etanercept: banned in case of infections, heart, in pregnancy.

-- Cyclosporine: renal impairment, hypertension.

4. Biological therapy: Infliximab, Efalizumab: forbidden to pregnant women, the risk of malignancy, require rigorous monitoring, the prices are very high cost.

 In the area of naturist products from the analysis of the preliminary market study results:

A. Module products:

 Products existing on the market:

1. Similar products: autochthonous: Tea Psoriasis 50gr Glasul Naturii

2. Similar products: imported: Kombucco Orientalis; Tea Indian Chippewa VRAC600g

B.Module producers:

      1. The tea for psoriasis “Glasul naturii” is produced by: S.C. Glasul naturii SRL Str. Scolii nr 4 Fagaras.

      2. The imported teas are made in India 

C. Module consumers:

      The products are addressed only to the people who suffer from psoriasis

D. Module distribution:

1. The autochthonous products are distributed in drugstores and naturist shops

2. The imported products are distributed in a closed circuit by selling agencies, MLM systems and by internet.

E Module Price:

     1. Tea Psoriasis 50gr Glasul Naturii prêt=4,20 lei

     2. Kombucco Orientalis  165.00 LEI 

     3. The tea Indian Chippewa VRAC600g. = 869.00 LEI

F. Module Publicity: 

1. In the first case, of the autochthonous products, advertising is left in the care of the distributors.

2. In the case of the imported products, advertisement is made by internet (sites and forums)


Our vision is to be recognized at a national and even international level as a successful producer in the domain of naturist products.

In the following 5 years, we propose to launch the Deniplant Company that will have a total turnover of: 2.000.000 euro/year

 The company will provide medicinal teas for:

-    preventing and treating the skin disease: psoriasis

-    regulating the cellular metabolism

-    strengthening the immunity  system

      In 2010 the company will have local representants in UE, USA and CANADA 

Concerning personal ambitions:

Setting up, developing and running up a successful company.

Graduating the University of medicine and pharmacy “Carol Davila” 

Product and technology:

In case of the whole range DENIPLANT, we not only make a simple packing of the charge stock. Along with the experience of the 10 years since there was first invented the tea for psoriasis, we have identified the best growers and harvesters of medicinal plants, with whom we collaborate.

In case of the Deniplant teas, we sell more than simple plants and dehidratated fruits. We offer high quality ingredients, mixed in special proportions by our specialists, presented in an attractive package that makes the consumer try it and give us a chance. Once they have tried it, there will be developed a long term relationship. At the realization of the recipe contributed the inventor Gheorghe Giurgiu who suffered of psoriasis and healed with the help of the teas.

Mission :

As a company that activates in the domain of  the plants therapies having as object of activity the carefor the skin’s health  we help our customers learn how to prevent the appearance of the skin diseases, how to protect and treat their skin with the help of medicinal plants, without ointments, other drugs or alimentary diet .

The Deniplant company will ensure the Deniplant Kids tea for children, under18, that suffer of psoriasis and also for the children with parents that suffer of psoriasis, that will have the tea in order to prevent the apparition of the sickness.

Our promise to customers :

We promise to offer innovating quality products,  that will increase the skin’s health state and will assure the comfort and health of people all over the world, through prevention.

 Deniplant is not only a pshysical product but also a complex concept that needs to be defined carefully.

The corporal components of the product :

*Deniplant and Deniplant Kids are teas made out of a mixture between medicinal plants and forest fruits

*After the harvest, the plants are dried and grinded as a powder, packaged in doses of 1 g each, made of special filter paper

*The packaging is made with 30 doses, in biodegradable board.


Corporal components of the product :

*The names of the products are DENIPLANT  and DENIPLANT KIDS, under the license of the TRADE DENIPLANT® 

This trade is registered at OSIM  Romania, having as a base a patent, also registered at OSIM on my father’s name

*The agreement of commercializing is from the Ministry of Health and Family

*The instructions of preparing and usage are in the pack.

*The price is competitive.

                                                                 COMPONENTS OF

                                                                         THE PRODUCT

The image of the product :

Motto: “Why go to the doctor’s for any simple affection, phototherapy provides to the organism the chance to fight against simple sicknesses with the help of simple treatments.”

            With Deniplant Kids is easier to prevent the sickness than treat it.

            The ones who will invest in preventing sickness will win also material and psychically

Deniplant Kids will take care that the visits at the doctors are as rare as possible and only in order to communicate how healthy we are.


Communications about the product :

In order to keep our health and youth and live more than the actual age average we should respect the following statement: ”The human beings must live in a total harmony with the nature and strictly respect it’s rules. All humans must obey nature, not the other way round »    Any delay from this state will ruin the harmony from the inside and outside of the human body and that is why sicknesses appear bringing pain and sufferance.

Deniplant and Deniplant Kids are  components of nature, actioning on the imunitary system and the cellular metabolism of the child and adult in order to prevent sicknesses.


SWOT Analysis:

Strong points  (S)

-The products « Trade Deniplant® proved to have no real competition on the market

-Introducing on the market a product under licence, based on a romanian invention patent

-A 100% natural product

-The product can exchange alopath medicines

-Can be used in paralel with naturist treatements in balnearywatering resorts.

Weak points (W)

-lack of notoriety

-The product is not known in drugsotres and by doctors.

-Small capacity of production, in comparision to the harvested plants

-The lack of a substantial chapter for promotion



-The growing interest of the consumers for natural products.

-The lack of products, on the market, that would eliminate and prevent the intern causes that lead to the development of different diseases.

-The preference of sickpeople for balneary watering resorts, for relaxing holidays

Threats (T)

-Slackening the power of buying, inflation, economical destabilisation

-The aggresive policy of the drug producers that feel threatened by the development of the naturist products on the markets.



The advantages brought by this business can be clearly seen from the financial indicators of the project:


The Deniplant Company started it’s activity with a capital of 300 euro.

In the first month of activity the Company sold 50 products directly to consumers and 100 products to distributors, the total earnings reached 3026 euro. The expenses from the first month were 2183 euro, so the net profit is 843 euro.

In the first year of activity our Company will manufacture and sell 1500 products, obtaining a net profit of 3117 euro.

In the third year of existence we plan to manufacture and sell an amount of 3700 products, reaching a net profit of 104507 euro.

1. Administration indicators in the first year:

The rotation speed of the circulating assets =3.35

The control of the administrative expenses=87,73%

2. Profitableness pointers: Net profit margin (Net profit /Turnover *100) in the first year will be of 10,30% and will reach 52,78% till the 3rd year.

The profitableness of the own capital (Net profit/ Own capital *100) =1122.24%

3. Sensibility pointers: 

The profitableness point of the company is situated to the level of selling monthly at least 50 products. Under this level, the company is not efficient anymore and can enter a reorganization or bankruptcy since the fixed expense (one month) are 1172 euro

4. The hazards of the business:

We also took in consideration some of the hazards that might appear:

Market hazard:  The concept of the business is based on an invention and under exclusive license of the Deniplant Trade (somehow does not exist, since is under license of another trade.

5. Competitive hazard: Choosing the starting prices, between a maximum and a minimum. There is a possibility of adjutancy, according to the sales strategy.

Management hazard: The experience of the leading team is based on the « know-how » and support from my father ( who invented the Deniplant products).

6.Financial hazard: The financial increase will be based only from profits, without any external credits.

The marketing policy: According to the National Institute of Statistics, in 2003 the population of the ROMANIA country was: Total = 21.733.556

The medical statistics from the Ministry of Public Health say that in our country between 2-4% of the people suffer of this disease.

So we can take in consideration a sales market between 652.006  and  869.342 possible buyers.

In our marketing policy we apply « mix marketing » -product, price, distribution, promoting, because only a complete collaboration between these elements can lead to successful results.

The strategy of the product:

-Introducing on the market a product under license, based on a Romanian invention patent.

-This AIN’T a chemical medicine, it is a tea made of medicinal plants a 100% natural product.

-The product can exchange allopath medicines.

-Can be used in parallel with other naturist treatments in balneary-watering resorts.

-Actions in preventing and treating the intern causes that detach and develop psoriasis.

The price policy:

Deniplant Kids is presented in boxes with 30 doses each (one for everyday)


Minimum Price

Maximum price

Sales price (euro)


14,99 euro

39.99 euro

27.75  sold directly 

16.3777 sold through distributors 

The cost of the tea is superior in comparison with the similar autochthonous products, already existing on the market, but inferior according to the prices of the imported products.

The 3% discount of the costs when paying through bank cards by eliminating the banks and post brokerage.

In addition to:

The Deniplant Company will launch a club of the sick people where the members will benefit of a discount of 10% for the Deniplant products.

On the forum of the company, we will organize contests, with prizes consisting in Deniplant products.

It will exist: Deniplant Kids–Social for children coming from poor families.

The Deniplant Company will develop programs for the popularization of the information’s about the medicinal plants, places where the tea will be served for free.

For making the benefits bigger: we had in view the externalization of some services like:

-Harvesting the medicinal plants

-Fabrication of the biodegradable board boxes

-Grinding, dosing and packing the doses of plants.

-Packing in the biodegradable board boxes

 Distribution policy:

Launching the Deniplant and Deniplant Kids teas will be made in drugstores specialized on natural products, the distribution will be also made through the internet, with the help of the Deniplant on-line shop .

In this case, the payment of the products will be made through post, bank or with cards.

The expedition of the products will be made through the Romanian Post, or any type of fast post. 

Image policy:

The position that  Deniplant products  will reach is a top one, because in the mind of consumers, the quality of prevention will be superior in front of  the other products on the market that are used for healing the already existing disease and not for prevention.

The image of the product:

Motto: “Why to go to the doctor’s for any simple affection, phototherapy helps the organism  fight against simple sicknesses with the help of simple treatments.”

            With the Deniplant products is easier to prevent the sickness than to treat it.

            People who will invest in preventing the sicknesses will win both mentally and physically.

Deniplant will take care for the visits at the doctor to be as rare as possible and only to communicate the excellent health state. 

Fidelisation policy:

In order to stimulate and satisfy our customers it appeared the Deniplant Guarantee. After the first moth of usage, if the customer is not happy with the results, it will receive back 100 % of the cost. This way there will be avoided the recasting of the products.

 Concerning partnerships:

In order to resolve some of the stages of the production we have collaboration partnerships with specialized companies.

When the company will have the necessary funding we will acquire the technology we need in order to develop all the activity independently.

Growing up the plants and the forest fruits and harvesting them are realized with external collaborators, which can become the company’s employees

 Concerning funding:

We don’t yet benefit from external funding because we don’t need it. In a change, we need a powerful partner in order to develop or business to an international level.


The Deniplant ® Company report

Deniplant Power point ppt