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 The Deniplant company’s products will be first of all 

            Deniplant (for adults)

            Deniplant Kids (for children) 

The products and services form a connection bridge between the firm and the market, so between producer and consumer. There will never be a product born on his own without havine a main ideea, because this represents an assembly of physical elements chimical or of other type gathered in a unitary way, for accomplishing a function. 

For differing from the other contestants’s products, we put a special accent on the quality of the products and the ingredients used. 

In the case of Deniplant, we don’t do only a simple packing of the prime matter. From the experience we accumulated in the last ten years since the first tea for psoriazis was invented, there have been identified the best growers and pickers of medicinal plants with whom we colaborate. 

In the case of Deniplant teas, we sell more that simple plants and dried fruit. We offer ingredient of high quality mixted by our specialists, presented in a package which makes the consumer want to try and give us a chance. Once he has tried it, a long-term relation develops. At the making of the prescriptions has contributed the inventor Gheorghe Giurgiu, who was sick of psoriazis and managed to cure himself of this disease by drinking teas, apreciating the product as beeing one of the richest mixtures of plants and fruits and wild fruit dedicated to teas. 

So the main ideea which was at the base of the creation of the product „ Deniplant Kids” has been the one that „ The children health should be the main concern of every parent.” 

We`d all been children and got sick even just of a  flu or coldness. Not to talk about those children who were unlucky to have their parents sick of different diseases, genetically transmited to them. One of these diseases is also the Psoriazis, a skin disease, with an animus of transmitting to descendants.    

All the children have the right to be healthy, and the parents`s obligation is to make all that`s possible to prevent their children disease. 

Knowing  that in nature there are medical plants which can do this thing, to prevent and even stop some diseases, such as psoriasis, we thought that we could do a very new product for accomplishing this wish-preventing and treating the disease. 

Therefore,our future customers to drink Deniplant Kids tea will be children up to the age of 18,sick of psoriasis and the children of the customers sick of psoriasis who will keep a cure for prevention, to prevent the starting of these types of diseases.

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